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April 4, 2006

Snowboard carrying case

Filed under: Woodworking — thefusionguy @ 9:40 pm
  • Here’s some photos of my snowboard case.
  • Last year my snowboard got caught–evidently–in the baggage system at the San Diego airport. Either that, or it met a lion in the hold of some airplane which used it for a scratching board. In either case, the carrying bag was all torn apart, probably beyond even the capability of duct tape to correct. So I decided to make a really strong carrying case when I got a new snowboard (Arbor Element). I made this one out of alder with Baltic birch plywood for the sides. Got the handle via ebay. It looks pretty good, but the airline people all seem to think it’s a case for a rifle, so it gets much more than its share of examinations. But many stragers have come up to me to say how nice it looks and what good craftsmanship. Anyay, here’s some photos. Unfortunately, the thing is pretty heavy. Fortunately, it’s very good for developing your grip.

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