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July 15, 2006

New Deck Cap

Filed under: House work — thefusionguy @ 5:05 pm

Well, after more than 20 years of faithful service, the redwood cap on the low wall around my upstairs deck became too termite-eaten to use. See:


The cap and rail were both pretty badly chomped. So it was time for removing the cap and replacing it with new redwood. But when I removed the cap, I found some dry rot in one place. It looked pretty bad, but it wasn’t that hard to remove all of the damaged boards, and I replaced two 2×4 wall plates with treated 2x4s. Fixed the rot and termites both. Then I wrapped the top of the wall with a product called JiffySeal, which is an asphalt impregnated fiberglass cloth which sticks to everything. I endeavored to stick it to the building paper under the siding to keep everything dry. See:


Then I put on a new cap of clean dry redwood:


Looks pretty good, I think, and much better sealed for weather than the previous setup. But what to do with the old chewed-up wood? So I resawed it and cut it into 3-foot pieces and made a composter out of it:


I filled it halfway now with leaves and inedible figs from a huge ficus tree in my yard. So far (4 days) no compost, but I think it’s beginning to cook. On the good side, I’ve been elected “Man of the Year” by the fruit flies, which think they have gone to heaven.

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