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September 22, 2006

Gwyn Goes to Togo

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Today Gwyn landed in Togo to start a two-and-a-quarter year stint in the Peace Corps! That’s Togo, in French west equatorial Africa, just east of Ghana and just west of Benin, which is just west of Nigeria. It’s a small country, about 75 miles wide and 300 miles long, with 5,500,000 people, for a rather crowded 100 people/square kilometer. What the country lacks in size it makes up in languages, of which there are about 60 in use. Gwyn speaks French, which may be of use in clearing customs but not help in the village she’ll be going to. So she’ll be learning one of the other 59 languages, so as to be able to say, at least, “I’m a vegetarian” to her host family in a way they will understand.

Our feelings run the gamut. We are excited by her new adventure. We are concerned for her health and safety. We are proud of her determination to help. We are devastated at being unable to see her for so long. We are delighted she is finding self-fulfillment and personal growth. We are hoping she can help in a small way to improve the world. Her job is girl’s education and empowerment, a noble calling, particularly in a country where women have little power.

So, she has been launched into the big world! But not alone–there is a lot of electronic chit-chat by and between concerned loving proud parents of the 30 or so young people similarly engaged.

Before she left, Gwyn made T-shirts for our family:


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