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December 29, 2006

Now, back by popular acclaim, the PiChair

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Here is a photo of my PiChair, in response to overwhelming demand from my European audience. It’s based on the character pi from the MetaFont Symbol font. (I sent a photo of this to Prof. Knuth, the originator of TeX and MetaFont. He wrote back that he could see why I didn’t pick a nabla symbol, or heaven help the sitter, a delta!) The wood is a South American tropical hardwood called canarywood. It’s so-called, I think, because often it has a puky yellow color, but these boards were a beautiful light brown with streaks of black, cream, red, and gold. Unfortunately, the wood mellows with time and much of the intensity of the color is gone. Canary wood is said to be harvested in a sustainable manner. I made two PiChairs, and the other is made of shedua, an African walnut. They are finished in Maloof oil-wax mixture.

The bed is also canarywood, as are the side tables.

PiChair and Bed

Here’s a detail of the bed:


The wedge that holds the runners and the square pegs are made of Brazilian rosewood that I bought in Berkeley around 1968. It’s not harvested in an environmentally sound way, so for all practical purposes it has been commercially exterminated and export of any remaining wood is forbidden.

And here’s a photo of the side tables, which are supposed to mirror the design of the bed:

Side Table

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