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December 5, 2011

Seoul Music

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A couple years ago I spent some hours in the Incheon airport in Seoul, South Korea. This is about the nicest airport I’ve ever been in. It has excellent restaurants, expensive and not, and even nooks with lounge chairs for relaxation while you wait for a plane. One really unusual feature is a large cultural exchange center and shop. This center always seems to offer instruction and supplies for some craft, like painting fans, that visitors can do for free while they wait. The shop offers many hand-crafted Korean objects, mostly of the folk art variety. One that I couldn’t resist buying is a hand-held gong that is said to be used to celebrate the harvest.

The gong as it came

Well, what to do with this? Not many harvests around here. So I made it into an alarm clock. I modified a commercial digital clock to close a circuit through an optical isolator when the alarm should sound and send the signal to the electronics box. The box uses a simple R-C 555 timing chip to generate pulses periodically. The box has a multi-position switch that selects a charging resistor so that the pulses come out every 8 seconds plus a multiple of the switch setting times 8 seconds. That is, the chime can be set between 8 seconds and 80 seconds in 8 second intervals. These thumbnails show the box, the circuit in development, and laying out the curves on the legs of the stand. (OK, the stand is in the shape of a Japanese torii; I know it’s a mixed metaphor.) I made the stand of canary wood and the top piece is East Indian rosewood.

Electronics box

Electronics circuit

Laying out the legs



Here's the clock with the chime. Click on it to see a video of the chiming

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  1. I am just going thru your goodies–Try to do it each month to see what I wish I had… Sure do love that table and it matches the cats so well!!!~ Your next trip to Cuba want to go with you and get some of that great art work….Joanne

    Comment by K. Joanne Stark — March 22, 2014 @ 4:52 pm

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