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December 7, 2016

Myoporum lumber

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Many years ago, when the kids were little, there was a young man who lived in a small house made from a garage on a neighboring lot. This young man fancied himself a renaissance man, and he played a musical instrument until he got less bad, then he’d turn to another instrument on which he was really bad. But he seemed to have a way with women, and occasionally he’d get carried away a bit in his outdoor amorous pursuits. I figured I’d better find some way, quick and cheap, to keep the kids from seeing him and his girlfriends. So I went to the nursery and explained my problem. The clerk recommended I plant Myoporums. He said that was the plant of choice for those seeking to shield a few marijuana plants from prying eyes. So, good enough. But now, some 30 years later, those Myoporums have grown into much huger trees than I ever expected:


So last week when we had to remove the trees, I thought I’d see if I could mill some interesting parts of the tree trunk into lumber for later use. First, I made a plywood sled to hold the trunks while being sliced on the bandsaw:



Then, using a fence, I re-sawed some thin boards. It’s a tedious process, because the green wood sticks to the bandsaw blade and builds up. So after every slice, I have to scrape the blade with a card scraper, then wax it. It’ll take a year or so before I can see whether the boards could be useful for a small box or something. If so, I bet it’s the only Myoporum box you can get!


The dried wood turned out to have very fine, hard grain, making it suitable for a platter for serving something like crackers and cheese. The parts with the green heartwood add a nice contrast to the wood. Here’s a tray from one of the more colorful boards. It has a very nice feel!

Cutting board


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